Food For Learning Program

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Educators are very aware that children who attend school without food in their bellies, experience undue stress, accompanied by a serious distraction from lessons, resulting in self-doubt in our young learners.  Hunger trumps learning, hands down. So when 2015-16 Kiwanis Belleville President Jeff Tureski read a letter from Kellee Brace, the Food For Learning Coordinator for the Hastings Prince Edward District School Board, announcing that food delivery volunteers were needed, Kiwanis Belleville rose to the occasion. Help was needed to deliver groceries courtesy of Frescho in Belleville.  Wendy Chesworth threw her arm up first, then John Mallan and the first team was created.  Within a day, Susan Sweet and Carm Reid became a team as did Jan Raymond and Peter Wimbourne. We took the list of schools needing the deliveries and selected the ones we would “own”. Now, after only a month, school employees and these 6 Kiwanians are becoming good friends, united as we are in eradicating hunger at school. Deliveries are made on Tuesdays for the length of the school year. “This is near and dear to me”, says Wendy. “I have always had a desire to make the learning experience fun and exciting for all, not just for the privileged few. Hunger isn’t any fun.”

Kiwanian Wendy Chesworth